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Answer:Paid parking helps the city to cope with major traffic problems. Thanks to their appearance in Dushanbe, the problems of "chaotic parking" will disappear and all conditions will be created for comfortable movement around the city for both drivers and public transport, as well as for pedestrians.

Answer: On the territory of the paid parking of Dushanbe city an hour parking for automobile vehicles is 3 somoni.
Disabled people of groups 1 – 2, as well as emergency vehicles with special signs (firefighters, police, ambulance, etc.) having all blue and red flashing beacons can use paid parking for free.

Answer: In special parking spaces marked with a parking sign together with the sign 7.17. At least 10% of such places in each paid parking lot are allocated. In all other parking spaces, parking is carried out on a general basis (for a fee).

Answer: In accordance with art. 324 Administrative Code of the Republic of Tajikistan non-compliance by drivers of vehicles with the requirements of road signs, road markings, use of lighting devices at night or with insufficient lighting, public transport stops, pedestrian crossings, traffic on sidewalks, pedestrian paths, on the lane for route vehicles or on the leftmost lane if there are other free lanes in this direction, stopping of vehicles on the lane for fixed-route vehicles, in the area of intersections and pedestrian crossings, on the carriageway of roads other than the first lane in this direction, as well as the creation of obstacles to traffic by violating the rules of parking vehicles - entails the imposition of a fine in the amount of one indicator for calculations.

Answer: The rules apply to all parking users without exceptions.

Answer: In order to reduce the cost of parking time, the maintenance of cash turnover significantly increases costs, and to exclude acts of vandalism against terminals accepting parking fees.

Answer: The payment system is fully automated, i.e. excluding the participation of the person collecting the fee. This avoids the risks associated with the appearance of illegal "parking attendants".
In your Personal account on «CityParking»
  • Log in to your personal account;
  • Open the Parking section;
  • Enter the parking area number;
  • Specify the GRZ of the vehicle;
  • Specify the duration of parking;
  • Click "Pay for parking".
  • Using the Parking Meter
  • Select the option "Parking payment";
  • Enter the vehicle number in the format 0000 AA 01;
  • Confirm the parking area number or enter another one;
  • Specify the parking time and pay for it with a bank card, wait for an SMS message.
  • Answer: Personal parking account can be replenished:
    - By bank card;
    - Through payment systems.

    Answer: Parking is not a place for storing cars, and the organizer of paid parking is not responsible for the safety of vehicles.

    Answer: The duration of placing a vehicle in a paid parking lot is calculated from the moment of entry, with the exception of the provided 10 (ten) free minutes. After 10 (ten) free minutes, the user must pay for the time of its use and extend the period. In paid parking, the calculation of the amount (tariff) begins from the moment the vehicle enters the parking lot (except for the duration of the free time) and its completion is calculated for every 1 (one) hour. Parking usage of less than 60 minutes is counted for a full hour.