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Rules and penalties

Paid parking is organized on the territory of allocated and organized zones for the purpose of temporary parking of motor vehicles for a certain period of time.

The parking user is obliged to place the vehicle in the parking space in accordance with the requirements of road signs and horizontal marking lines and not to obstruct other road users when entering and leaving the parking lot.

The placement of motor vehicles, subject to the availability of parking spaces, is carried out by users independently, taking into account compliance with the requirements of the Rules of Motor Transport on Parking and the Rules of the Road. If there are no free places, the user must leave the parking lot within 10 minutes.

Emergency vehicles with special signs (firefighters, police, ambulance, etc.) with blue and red flashing beacons, as well as disabled people of groups I and II can use paid parking for free.

In case of violation of the requirements of the Rules of the Road and the public offer for the provision of parking services, the User of paid parking will be fined in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan.

The owner of a vehicle can be fined in the following cases:

  • for non-payment of parking services;
  • payment for a parking service for a smaller amount;
  • placement of a vehicle in violation of the boundaries of parking spaces;
  • placement of vehicles in parking lots provided for certain vehicles (disabled or electric vehicles), when these places are marked with road signs and horizontal marking lines;
  • placement of vehicles with unreadable or creating any obstacles for its reading, someone else`s license plates and with state registration numbers that do not meet the established state standard;
  • damage to and disabling of technical means installed on the territory of paid parking;
  • parking on the sidewalk;
  • pollution of paid parking areas;
  • загрязнение территории платных парковок;
  • in case of other violations of the Road Transport Rules on parking issues and regulatory legal acts.

The presence of fines can be checked on the website www.neru.dc.tj

You can pay fines in the following ways:

  • On the site www.neru.tj

In case of non-payment of fines, the Organizer, using a blocker, restricts the movement of a fined vehicle or, using a Tow Truck, delivers it to a fine parking lot.